Eoghan O'Brien
fullstack developer

My current setup (2018)

A few of the high-profile Laravel developers have started posting their developer configuration setups, which editor, font, color scheme etc so I started thinking about how I'd like to document my own setup, in case of an emergency failure or something unexpected happening on my dev machine. The following is a breakdown of what I use and how I use it.

Hardware & OS

I use my 13-inch MacBook Pro 2016 edition at the office and at home. At the office, I hook up to an OWC 13 port USB-C Dock powering two 24-inch Dell monitors supported by a Vivo arm mount, an Apple Magic Keyboard with Keypad and Apple Magic Trackpad 2 and a 1TB Western Digital external SSD hooked up to Time Machine. I'm currently using MacOS Sierra, hopefully upgrading to Mojave soon, probably at Christmas, when the upgrade won't interfere with my work.


I write code in PHP Storm, it's by far the best IDE I've ever used and despite what I've heard from other devs, I find it to be pretty fast. Here's a screenshot of my theme. I'm using the following themes and plugins:


I use iTerm 2 with the ZSH/spaceship command prompt coupled with Oh My Zsh and the Dracula color scheme.

Local Server

At work, I use Laravel Homestead. We deploy to Laravel Forge since it uses an almost identical configuration, using Homestead means local matches production almost exactly. Vagrant is a bit of a memory hog for personal projects, so I typically use homebrewphp and Laravel Valet. I haven't adopted Docker but I'm seriously considering it for personal projects, if only to save on memory consumption.

Database Management

I like to separate work from play when it comes to managing MySQL databases. I use Navicat for work related projects and Sequel Pro for personal projects. I use Medis to manage Redis if I'm not working directly from the command line.

Miscellaneous Software

I have a ton of other useful software installed, from the Office 365 suite to Adobe Suite but some of the lesser known and arguably more interesting software I'll just list out below:

That's all of the software that I thought might be interesting to list here. If you have questions, you can find me on twitter @eoghanobrien.